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  • 29 March 2023
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Has anyone else experienced a sudden drop in engagements and impressions on LinkedIn as of late? I manage a company page and over the past two weeks our impressions have plummeted -- despite not doing anything differently in terms of frequency of our content.

I know that the algorithm is changing more frequently now, but if that’s what caused this, we’ve really taken a hit. Along those lines, I continue to see that LinkedIn suppresses the visibility of content that includes links that would take a user away from LinkedIn. Is there any truth to this? I’ve been ignoring it as a possibility, but nearly all our content points back to our website, so I’m beginning to wonder.

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2 replies

Hi Hillary - I saw a similar dip in last month’s LinkedIn impressions and engagements with no change in content type or cadence. I don’t have any insights as to why though!

It could be that the posts always return readers to your website. Obviously don’t know what’s the website, but if it’s straight marketing content...landing pages, solutions, etc. that could turn off readers.

You may want to try publishing information that’s educational or informative, but tied your business. This was highly successful for me when I worked at a medical transportation company. We published a lot of content that was adjacent to what the company did, but we pointed to research and articles.