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  • 19 November 2023
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Our social team has been hearing about a new app called Flip app. Anyone have any experience yet with it? Seems like there’s some opportunity for retail brands. Would love to discuss!  

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Hey there, we use this platform. Although we have has great success in revenue, they do take 25% and the back end of the account reps is really terrible. They make its really hard to work collaboratively and everything has to go through email instead of a slack channel. So I guess you have to pick your poison on what you are okay with as far as how they deal with their customers and letting things go like lack of communications and lack of moderation through their reviews just to name a few.  Its a beauty category driven platform and I think they are trying to push other areas as well since they are pretty new. 

Have to give more details as needed too. Thats just a surface level feedback