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We had major success with my business on Tiktok-hitting 200k views a WEEK. However, now-within the past 4 weeks- it has gone completely flat. We are lucky if we get 1,000 views per video. And we have changed NOTHING! Still using viral hashtags, posting at the right times, following the trends, etc. Has anyone else gone through this? Did the algorithm drastically change? ANY advice or information will help. Thanks! 

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Hi Shelby,

Sorry to hear about this, I haven’t heard of any algorithm changes recently. I’ve been reading about TikTok a lot recently and my biggest takeaways have been around the basics: use trending sounds, leverage the duet and stitch features. Lastly, TikTok challenges seem to be trending recently too. Here are a few resources that have been helpful for me.

TikTok Creative Center

TikTok Challenges Sprout Blog

All of Sprout’s Blog articles on TikTok

I would love to know if anyone else in the community is experiencing the same issue and what you’ve tried?

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Hi Shelby, like Laura I haven’t heard of any algorithm updates. How long are the videos you’re posting? 

Some other tips/ideas: 

  • In addition to using top trending or broad hashtags, would suggest adding in two niche #’s specific to the content/community as well (3-6 total hashtags), you’ll likely need to test and learn the niche #’s that will work best for your content
  • Ensuring your captions are keyword rich to help from a discoverability perspective
  • Strong hook at the beginning, even pace of video throughout and strong/aspirational CTA at the end of the video
  • Test sounds trending in your niche audience, once you find one that works reuse on multiple videos

Keep us posted on progress!

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I haven't thought about re using sounds! I will give that a shot. Everything else we have done :( I will keep you updated! 

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Hi @shelby.williams, now that Sprout integrates with TikTok you could try using tagging (labels & campaigns) to better understand why specific TikToks performed well over others.