Community FAQs

  • 13 February 2023
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Community FAQs
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Our FAQs will shed light on what’s next in your Arboretum journey.

How do I get started? What am I supposed to do here?

Be sure to check out this resource to get started. It has all the instructions and information you need for these spaces and to help build your network effectively.

As for what to do here? Connect with others, learn and share. This hub is built for social professionals to have a space to chat and discover others who see social differently and want to help each other out.

Do I have to use my real name?

In this community, we highly encourage you to use your real name. There really aren’t many situations in which it would make sense for you to use an alias.

That said, if you’re feeling like you must use an alias for whatever reason, please contact Jonathan Zuluaga. He will help facilitate the change.

You can also contact Jonathan for any username adjustments on your account.

What are the topic types?

Question, conversation and idea. They each serve a unique purpose!.

  • Question is for when you’re not sure about something and are seeking input or advice.

  • Conversation is for when you’re sharing intel, insights or just something you found interesting.

  • Ideas are for letting Sprout know about product feedback or integrations you’d like to see.

I found someone in the community I’d like to connect with for a 1:1 chat. Can I do that? How do I do that?

You are absolutely encouraged to reach out to other users to chat one on one. Just be mindful of one another’s time and be respectful and understanding if they say no. Their calendar might not look like yours.

Click on their profile and click send message. This opens a way to personal message another user.

Will there be events for us in this community space?

Of course! We aim to host a variety of educational, interest-based and networking style events. Check under the “Events” on our homepage or check out the forums for specific events related to certain groups. 

I have some feedback/suggestions for the community. What’s the best way to get these across?

There are several ways to do this!

You can create a topic in the share product ideas forum and add the “feedback” tag. 

If you’re not comfortable sharing information publicly, you can also PM Jonathan Zuluaga or Laura Porcincula!

Am I allowed to post about jobs?

Of course! Navigate to the Career Talk & Job Board section of the Arb and share or check out job posting in the Job Postings Forum. 


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