👋 Agency Peer Group: Discussion

👋 Agency Peer Group: Discussion
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Event has concluded, recap in the thread below:

Howdy Partners!

I’m excited to share that we’ll be hosting an Agency Peer Group on June 14th! In this session you’ll have the opportunity to meet folks from other agencies to come together to share insights, discuss challenges, and provide support to one another. This event is a great opportunity to expand your network, gain new perspectives, and foster personal and professional growth. We would love to see you there! 

To make the most of our session, please fill out this 2 question survey by June 13th.


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Share something you learned, or stood out to you in this session?

Discussed topics today:

  • Using AI for content creation
  • AI Tools
  • Streamlining processes with AI
  • How AI will impact client relationships
  • Managing the economic shift
  • Clients asking for ROI on a tight turnaround
  • Explaining “viral” to clients
  • and more!
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One thing that really stood out to me was the pebble in the water / ripple effect analogy for virality - the closest ripples and first ones are your most enthusiastic followers. If you can’t even engage with them, you’re not going viral anytime soon.

Such a great session today! Thank you for setting it up!

I agree on the ripple effect analogy as a great key takeaway from today! Also, just. getting the chance to chat with others who understand the day in and day out of what social media managers at an agency do each day. 

Definitely refreshing to hear from others in the same boat, and that we’re doing similar things/tactics!

Yes to the ripple effect! And I’m in the same boat with the ROI situation so it was great to hear from others on that. Thank you all! 

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I enjoyed the session yesterday 🙌 For me, I found it good to hear how some of the other agencies are using AI for some of the foundational ground work on copy, or giving a fresh spin on similar content across franchises. I definitely see it as something that will be essential for scaling & increasing efficiency as we go!