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Community Spotlight: Bill Braun

  • 18 November 2022
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Community Spotlight: Bill Braun
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The Community Spotlight shines a light on an outstanding community member who is active, helpful and propels our community forward. 

Congratulations to @bill.braun on your Community Spotlight! Bill is one of our most active members and contributors the Sprout Community Hub, by sharing ideas and sparking conversation his contributions to our growth have been notable! Bill is a Social Media Associate and Copywriter for Kicker Audio. Learn more about Bill below!

Title, role, and company: Social Media Associate and Copywriter, Kicker Audio

Fun fact: I shoot pool competitively and spent eight years a mixer in Hollywood. Emmy nominated.

What’s your favorite social account to follow right now? CXL on LinkedIn. True marketing thought leaders, IMO.

If you had to eat one meal every day for the rest of your life, what would it be? Scrambled eggs with ham and cheese. Hands down (and forks up).

When it comes to your work, where do you find inspiration? My competition and choice Facebook groups around the car audio industry.

Top reason why you’re a Sprout user: By far the most ergonomic solution Ive found to date, and consistently making a conscious effort to improve.

Where can folks connect with you outside the Community Hub?

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2 replies

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Thanks for being part of our Sprout Community, @bill.braun! Also Emmy nominated?! So cool!

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I love this, Emmy nominated and a pool pro! Thanks for sharing @bill.braun