✋ Hospitality & Travel Squad: Raise your hand!

  • 13 March 2023
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✋ Hospitality & Travel Squad: Raise your hand!
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Hospitality and travel squad! Let’s introduce ourselves and get a 🧵started so we can best support and get to know each other. 

Drop a little information about yourself below. Tell us:

  • Where you work or brands your work on
  • How many years you’ve been in hospitality/travel
  • What inspires your work in this industry?


Can’t wait to meet you all!



7 replies

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Hospitality holds a special place in my heart, I spent the first 15 years of my career in hospitality before joining Sprout.

I know of a few Hospitality folks who are Arboretum members, please say hello 👋 @mary @jessie.kinney @kacia.lessnau @stefani.gavrilov @emily.sanvido @samantha.peck @kelly.iverson @debbie.miller @robert.reyes @carley.grife @ali.slutsky

Thanks, Laura, and nice to nice to meet you all. I run a digital marketing agency, Social Hospitality. I’d love to connect with fellow hospitality marketers.

Hi there! 

My name is Stefani Gavrilov, and I am the Corporate Social Media Manager of Sage Hospitality Group. We oversee a diverse portfolio that spans across the country - including independent hotels, branded hotels, restaurants, and bars.


I have spent about 10 years in hospitality, and professionally in social media for the last 5 years.


What makes me enthused about social media, especially in the hospitality industry, is showcasing awe-inspiring moments captured authentically, always remembering to emphasize the human-side of the brand, property, and destination. 


Looking forward to connecting with you all! 


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Hi all! 

I’m Director, Social Media, at Acronym, which is a Digital Marketing Agency based in New York City. I work remotely from Cleveland, OH. We work with several large hotel brands, including their spas, restaurants and bars. I’ve worked in hospitality/travel in the social media space for over 13 years.


I’ve always had a love of travel and fine dining! It has been a dream work pivot my marketing into hospitality and work in a vertical that I personally love!


@stefani.gavrilov I’ve worked with Sage for some of the Restaurants that are located at some of our clients’ hotel locations! Hospitality is a small world!






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Hi! I’m Taylor

I am the social media manager for Virginia Tourism Corporation,  Virginia is For Lovers

I’ve been in hospitality for 7 years, and social media for 10

I came from financial services and pinch myself daily that my job includes promoting the most fun things to do, see and eat across our state. 

Hi everyone - I’m the VP of Client Services at Braintrust, a full integrated marketing agency based in Las Vegas that has a speciality in hospitality marketing. I’ve been with the agency for 6 years but before that, I spent nearly 10 years working for resorts on the LV Strip on the marketing side. I look forward to networking with you all and hearing about best practices, trends, etc.



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Hi Hospitality folks, I’ll be hosting a peer group for your industry tomorrow and would love to see you there! Here’s the link to register: