Introducing Myself: Kyle Adams 👋

Hi everyone! My name is Kyle Adams. I’m a communications and marketing professional with experience in Project Management and Content Marketing. For the past three years I worked for a branding consultancy supporting its founder with Content Marketing and Project Management. I was primarily responsible for copywriting his social posts, publishing them, and engaging with his community. 

I’m great at building workflows to make processes smoother and creating compelling copy. 

I’m starting a new role at my alma mater Quinnipiac University where I’ll be focused on Digital Engagement and Social Media Marketing for the alumni department. 

Excited to be part of this community to learn more about social listening, community building, and platform best practices. 

Outside of work I love making cocktails and watching F1!

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Nice to meet you @kyletadams96! We would love to see you at the Higher Education Industry peer group May 16th. 

Additionally I wanted to introduce you to my colleague @Andy Hawkins who is also a fan of F1! 

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Hi @kyletadams96! Huge F1 fan. Welcome :)