🎥 The Black@Sprout CRG shares their perspective for Black History Month

  • 20 February 2024
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🎥 The Black@Sprout CRG shares their perspective for Black History Month
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To celebrate Black History Month, we asked Black@Sprout Community Resource Group members to share their perspectives with our community.

Here’s what they had to say:

Now it’s your turn! Share your perspective on authentic ways to ensure Black representation in your marketing campaigns. Who are your favorite brands or individuals that are currently advocating for Black voices on social media?

Chime in below!

4 replies

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Love this! Thank you for sharing, any way we can share this to our own teams? As an ERG captain myself, having an outside perspective has been refreshing. 

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Hi @ashley.manivong, anyone can register to be a member of The Arb. Feel free to share this URL with your team to view the video! ❤

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Thanks to Sprout for they do to #InspireInclusion in the social media industry. 

I make diversity and inclusion a priority when we select stock photos for LinkedIn carousels for Riskonnect’s posts.

I also lean on members of my Global Social Team from different cultures, backgrounds, and countries to help us determine how best to highlight a particular holiday across the world. 

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There were so many parts of this project which gave me joy, but I especially loved connecting internally and making new friendships with the Black @ Sprout CRG members who contributed. 

There were moments where I felt discomfort or lacked confidence in my content. But that’s when I leaned on my Black colleagues the most, they really lifted my spirits and made me feel supported.