We want to hear from you: Share Product Ideas!

  • 10 March 2023
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We want to hear from you: Share Product Ideas!
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Dreaming about a new Sprout feature or a much needed enhancement? Let’s make it a reality.

If you haven’t already checked out the Share Product Ideas Forum, this is your call to do so. Our team continuously values feedback from customers and prospect and we look to you to help us make improvements. 

So what’s stopping you?


2 replies


Hi all, here are some features (ranging from simpler to more complex) regarding tagging that could generate a widespread increase in operational efficiency across users/enterprises.


For Tagging:

  • allow users to copy+paste multiple tags from one post to another
  • create tag folders, or ‘presets,’ (e.g. tagging “Preset 1” will tag a post with [x,y,z]).
  • Predictive tagging! Use account details + caption + previous post/tag data to inform the best potential result given certain tags.
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@nas.ism Thank you for sharing! If you could please share your idea in the Product Ideas Forum, that way we can track it and others can upvote your ideas!