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Could use some help! Any advice when recruiting or casting vision for non-marketing employees to be involved in social media campaigns or on-camera for videos? How would you motivate employees to be excited to help out?


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I’ve found video is a real tough sell if it’s an employee’s first time putting themselves out there on company social. For some of my team members who are more apprehensive, it’s been easier to start with helping them craft some text based posts of their own, being in photo/video galleries we post from events, days around the office, etc. and help them work up towards something like being in a video. 


On the motivation front:

  • Some people respond to the selfish sell: being visible increases your surface area for opportunities.
  • Some people respond to an empathetic sell: you have great expertise/stories to share, and video is an awesome way to connect you with people who could benefit from what you have to share.
  • Either way, if you try to convince them and they genuinely don’t want to try video, let it go - the worst is putting out content where you can tell that it feels forced.
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Start by seeking out the hand-raisers - people who are already interested and comfortable doing video work. It might be someone who posts silly TikToks on their personal account. Then look for ways to incentivize their participation - free lunch, gift cards, swag, something fun.


If you don’t have anyone who naturally wants to do it and you’re having to do a little more coaxing, then do everything you can to reduce friction and anxiety in the experience. Overcommunicate the steps/process, if possible, do the filming yourself, give them a script and give them some time to go over it beforehand to get comfortable/natural with the lines and go out of your way to make them feel comfortable with the filming. If you’re asking them to film themselves on their phone and send that for a UGC-look, then give them super-detailed instructions on lighting and camera angle etc. with specific examples to learn from.