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  • 16 September 2022
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Hi! I work for a well established brand in New Zealand that also operates in Australia and South East Asia. Today our Australian page/ad account has been permanently banned for violating advertising policies. 

We didn’t actually violate any policies, Facebook just changed the status of every ad since the account was launched in 2016 to rejected so we appear to have 1000+ violations. Previously they have incorrectly classed our account as “political” because we are an eco brand that posts about sustainability. This only happens to our Australian account not our NZ account. 

I have tried a review however of course with every  ad ever created being rejected we didn’t pass the review. Has anyone been able to get their ad restrictions lifted after being permanently disabled? 

Facebook support is unhelpful and our account manager doesn’t ever reply to my emails. Any advice appreciated! 

3 replies

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@zoe.p So frustrating! Have you actually chatted with them via their Facebook Support page? I’ve had better results messaging them through the business page rather than emailing or using the other support channels. 

@zoe.p were you ever able to resolve this issue? I’m having this issue now and am unsure how to proceed. 

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I’m currently dealing with this as well, I’d love to know how others are dealing with this. Facebook Support can't tell me what ad broke the guidelines, what guideline was broken, OR how long the ban will last (though we’ve been reassured that it is temporary). They have not been helpful in this process.