How do you handle music for Instagram reels?

  • 5 October 2022
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My nonprofit has been experimenting with ways to use popular music on Instagram reels. One thing we’ve tried is downloading the song from TikTok and then uploading to IG. Does anyone else have good ideas for how to go about this? I’ve seen some pretty major accounts using popular music and can’t imagine they’re not using a business account (for example, the City of Detroit) because they definitely run ads. Wondering if there is a better way, or a training anyone is aware of for reels?


Just to note: These are not ads or things where we’re trying to get donations or action, just engagement. Not trying to circumvent copyright law for business gain!


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Hi Jessica! 

I currently work in a highly regulated field that has extremely strict rules surrounding copyright content. Short form content has been a headache for my team. Instagram doesn’t seem to have a great way to search for copyright free music, which is wild to me. You mentioned that you already do this, but my best practice is using business approved TikTok audios, downloading the completed video in the TikTok editor, and reposting it on Instagram. 

Another idea would utilizing copyright free audio from other places, but that runs the risk of it not grabbing enough attention.