Sharing UGC Reels with Music

  • 19 January 2023
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Hello everyone! I wanted to get a quick gut check on sharing UGC Reels. It’s probably no surprise that most of the UGC Reels I find are also ones that use well known, trending music. I’ve searched high and low but cannot find any information online about resharing these and what the protocol is. What’s your process? Reshare? Share only to IG Stories? Pass on by? Any insights would be much appreciated!


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3 replies

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@amanda.hoffmann Hi there! I hope you get some additional answers here. I’ve previous shared UGC reels but I would always ask permission if you’re posting vs just re-sharing on stories. I’ve also had folks in the past email me the video and just credit them in the post. 

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Thank you for the response! It’s always nice to know that what I’m doing is also in line with what others are doing. If there aren’t like 25 blogs on the topic, I’m lost 😂

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In terms of ads, can we still use UGC ads that lean on trending sounds? Surely not? Considering we putting budget behind a video utilizing the song.