B2B Influencer Tips?

  • 14 March 2022
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I work for an agency that focuses on B2B tech, and we’ve dabbled influencer work from time to time, but it has always been more along the lines of a B2C program AKA a traditional influencer program. 

Does anyone have tips and tricks they can share for running a successful B2B influencer program? 

So far, we’ve researched and recommended SMEs and trade publications for our clients to tap into, but we haven’t got to actually manage that program. 

Are B2B influencer fees similar to traditional influencers? Is there ever an opportunity to negotiate exclusive relationships?

Do you have to do more coaching with B2B influencers?

Do B2B influencers even really exist? Is it weird to ask industry leaders to partner? 

Thanks in advance for the help.

1 reply

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Hey @TalissaBeall - that is a great question. Say hello to a new member of the Sprout community, @bridget.reilly (Welcome, Bridget :) ). Bridget mentioned having worked with an Influencer agency recently to create content (not entirely sure if it was B2B or B2C) - but she may have some useful tips to share here!