A chance to get quoted on the Sprout blog: How do you use Sprout custom reports?

  • 26 September 2023
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Hey there! I’m working on an article for the Sprout Insights blog. To really help inform it, I’d love to hear how you’re using Sprout custom reports and how they help you’re reporting process! (You might even get quoted in the article!)


Lmk! 👇 👇 

3 replies

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We like to do a comparison of the prior month (so, Oct 2023) vs Oct 2022 for our LinkedIn Analytics. 


Year over year reporting helps our CMO understand our progress in comparison to the prior year. I think it’s a great metric to use - especially if you had a slow month that while slow, was still a win vs the prior year. 


Knowing how to use your analytics to tell the story is so important when it comes to advocating for your own role, your social program’s budget, and the tools you’ll need to make the right impact.

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I am relatively new to Sprout so I haven’t learned all the ins and outs of the reports but it is really nice to be able to see clearly what posts across our school social media are getting engagement and what kinds of engagement they are getting. The reports make it very easy to see this. I don’t have enough historical data to compare year to year but look forward to when I can. 

I was able to do a trial of the Advanced Analytics and the Custom Reports were great for showing YoY data in a comprehensive and customizable format that was easy to share with leadership. 

This should really be a base feature as it is very necessary to show success of the platforms and how Sprout is able to convey the data.