How Do You Track Boosted Instagram Reels Data?

  • 25 June 2024
  • 1 reply

Okay video marketers, how are we getting macro views of how our boosted Instagram reels are performing? 

I’m finding that the video plays and engagement data I get for an Instagram Reel in Sprout does not account for ad center watches. 

For example, if I look at the last 6 months in Sprout, it shows only 2,869 video views on our Instagram. When I look natively on Instagram, I can see that one individual reel has 9,224 plays. (In “Insights” I can see that this individual reel has 9,224 plays and 5,852 Reach) Yes, this includes boosting of this video. 

So what I’m trying to figure out is, how to I look globally at my video campaigns and see how they’re doing and set benchmarks when I have to individually go into each video and note the data natively in IG, and usually from my phone?! 

Am I missing a better way to do this? Thank you!

1 reply

I have the same issue. Currently we are pulling the ads data from the backend of Meta and merging the organic performance with the boosted performance with calculated fields in Google Looker. Would love other people to weigh in on what they are doing as this involves a bit of hand work.