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🎥 WATCH NOW: Reporting Redefined - Unleash the Power of My Reports

🎥 WATCH NOW: Reporting Redefined - Unleash the Power of My Reports
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If you missed this event, here’s the recording!


Event Details:

Are you eager to make more informed decisions and maximize your impact? 

Join @tazi.flory and @allie.mullen, as they guide you through ‘My Reports’ – a premium add-on that helps you visualize, analyze, and present the exact data you need to make informed decisions and maximize your impact. 

What is My Reports?

My Reports is a game-changing feature available with Sprout’s Premium Analytics add-on that empowers you to visualize your data, and drives better strategic decision-making. It provides valuable insights and analytical tools that enable you to harness the full potential of your data.

Why Should You Attend?

We will give you a chance to dive in and discover all the amazing features and benefits of My Reports for yourself.

  • Learn how to quickly and efficiently dive into your data and uncover actionable insights
  • Discover techniques to make informed decisions that drive results
  • Learn how to fully utilize the customization options available and personalize reports to meet your unique needs
  • Understand how to create visually impactful reports that captivate your audience

Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to enhance your data analysis and drive better outcomes for yourself and your organization.

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✨ Giveaway question! Thread your answer below, and you could be one of three lucky members to win an Arboretum Swag Package!

Share which My Reports use case are you most excited to try and why, in the thread below to inspire your peers. We are giving away Arboretum swag packages to three members who respond by Friday!

Here are the most popular use cases we discussed today:

  • Executive Reporting: Annotate and add performance descriptions for high level key metrics and data
  • Content Analysis: Deep dive into specific content performance to optimize strategy
  • Campaign Reporting: Provide a full picture wrap up of a campaign both during and after
  • Monthly Reporting: Create customized reports for each team’s key metrics and performance markers
  • If your use case doesn’t fit into one of these categories, share your strategy with us in the thread below!


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Really,  just all of the my reports.  We have never really used them before.  

Content Analysis! 😎

I’m most interested in the campaign reporting use case to see averages and set benchmarks as I’m building out strategy for future campaigns.

Most excited for all! This will make my executive and monthly reports way easier and it’s nice to have everything in one place like listening and sentiment, etc, so I don’t have to pull extra things. Have to add, too, this is one of my yearly goals to enhance our reporting, so thanks for helping me check this off with this rollout! 🤣😊

I am super excited that we can completely customize our reports and most excited about the post analysis summary and love the word cloud option as well. 

Executive & Monthly Reporting 🔥


I currently use the premium reporting tool and I love it. The ones I use the most are monthly and quarterly reports but I’m most excited to report on specific campaigns since I haven’t been able to do that yet at my organization. 

Super excited for the content analysis report! Also so hype to explore all the new widget options overall.

I am most excited about the content analysis because it allows us to find our niche and continue to tell a story through our reports. I was also very surprised by all the widgets and I LOVE the new updates you guys are amazing and we love working with you, thank you for taking the time to do this meeting!

As a part of Marketing who doesn’t work with social on a day to day basis, I am excited to create a report for my own learning. This way I can see what my graphics are doing out in the social world and help tailor what I create going forward that will help our social media specialist the best. So, in this case I think tweaking the Campaign reporting might achieve that best in the short term. 

Executive reporting - I love the capability of adding annotations to a report to keep everything clear for whoever’s reading it to help them better understand what they’re looking at while still having all the necessary data in one spot. 

I can’t wait to utilize the executive reporting function. This will be so helpful when sharing reports with team members outside of the marketing department and our board of directors / executive team members who love to be kept in the loop but don’t always understand the details of a traditional social report. The campaign reporting is also exciting because as we plan and analyze high and low performing campaigns, this will provide a comprehensive view of how to move forward with a clear picture of how to optimize our planning.

Hello! I am excited for the Executive Reporting widget/function because it would allow me to really give a high-level understanding of our data for our Board of Director members and organization partners. It would definitely enhance our storytelling strategies in how our supporters are adding to AND enhancing the importance of our organization’s mission. Thanks so much!

I am most excited about Social Listening, Sentiment, and Trending Words/Keywords Analytics. Yesterday I was looking for ways to create a word cloud to view trending words/keywords and these reports available in Premium Analytics are exactly what I needed! 

I’m very excited about the content analysis use case. Particularly the ability to break down content by post type and tags. 

I am currently updating our social strategy and determining what content should be shared on each of our platforms. Right now, we are cross-posting everything, but understand that certain posts don’t perform as well on certain platforms. This feature will help me tailor our social strategy. 👌

Excited to dive into Content Analysis! As a new marketing associate, understanding content performance across our accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is key. With Content Analysis, I can dissect each piece of content to optimize engagement and plan future posts effectively. By identifying trends and areas for improvement, we can tailor our strategy to meet audience needs and drive better results!

I’m excited for all of it! But I think the content analysis would be of most value.

Thank you for such a great webinar!


Jacquelyn Hanners

I’m interested in all of the reports. We have been using Sprout and not utilizing the reports. Interested in the campaign reporting and being able to get cross network performance. I wish there was a way to be able to see if there was any revenue driven from a post.

I’m really excited about all the use cases discussed today, especially the executive reporting and content analysis. I think it’s great that we have the ability to tell our social media story to a non-social media audience in a way they will be able to understand. I love how you can add text assets into the the report and change the titles for different aspects in the report. Very excited about My Reports! 

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I’m excited for monthly reporting. We have already started using for our current reporting structure to our clients and they have been very pleased with the results they are seeing. 

I am excited to dial in the Content Analysis, Campaign Reporting, and Monthly Reporting that we already do with the helpful tips and tricks from this webinar. However, I am most excited to implement Executive Reporting! It does seem like some of our executive team gets lost when looking at our current reports so I had never thought of giving them a separate report. Making it simpler and including annotations to explain each data point is going to be a game changer! Thank you for this great event!

I’m really excited to try all of the use cases because I’m a data nerd, but the first I have to say will be customizing my widgets for the monthly reporting. I like having the ability to slice and dice to my organizations particular needs in order to guide strategy. 

I am excited to test everything and find what will best fit my organization’s needs. 

I’m excited to deep dive into content analytics! I run our Instagram and TikTok platforms and I’m eager to showcase how the same content can perform differently on each platform and what we can do to optimize.