🔴 Watch Recording - The Arboretum Presents: Year in Social!

  • 18 January 2024
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🔴 Watch Recording - The Arboretum Presents: Year in Social!
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Check your inboxes, Year in Social is here!

Congratulations on all you’ve achieved over the last year and let’s celebrate together! 🎉

I know you all are very proud of your accomplishments over the past year, we are proud too! Let’s take this momentum and make 2024 even better. The Arboretum’s Year in Social hub is designed keep you informed with the latest discussions, events, and FAQs, to kick this year off on the right foot.

If you missed our main event, The Arboretum Presents: Year in Social 2024, that’s okay!

Here’s the recording:

Take a deeper dive into your data with two powerhouse Strategic Services Consultants from Sprout Social, Steph Hermanson and Gabby Grahek. In the event, @steph.hermanson and @Gabby  as they guide you through understanding your data, share customer stories, and assist you in building a personalized action plan for 2024.

Stay informed by visiting the Year in Social resource hub here: 

Visit the Year in Social hub


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10 replies

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Today is The Arboretum Presents: Year in Social 2024, it’s not too late to register!

I’ll be posting the event recap, resources, and recording in this thread later today so be sure to subscribe to get notified when everything is shared. 

Y’all i registered and the meeting link is not working for me, asking me to register again?

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I am not able to log in. 

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I’m so sorry to hear that @Evelyn Cepeda and @patrick.jervis, I’ll get the recording up as soon as possible for you. After you’ve watched it, @Gabrielle Grahek and @steph.hermanson are here to answer any remaining questions.

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Thank you so much for attending The Arboretum Presents: Year in Social 2024!

If you have questions for Steph or Gabby, please thread them below.

If you weren’t able to attend live, here’s the recording:

Remaining Questions:

  • From Riley: Is there any way to track organic social conversions from Sprout?
  • Can you share some organic social strategies?
  • How do I create a tagging structure defined for published content vs incoming messages?

Here are some of the resources we discussed today:


Help your peers by answering these Year in Social discussion questions:


If you have additional questions about your data, please visit our FAQs page.

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Big thanks to everyone who joined us on the webinar - I love being a part of the Arb!

I wanted to take on one of our remaining questions about tagging structure:

How do I create a tagging structure defined for published content vs incoming messages?

Tagging structure needs come down to two parts in most cases:

  1. Prioritizing & Filtering in the Smart Inbox
  2. Reporting

Looking at those two use cases, determine  if one or both is needed for your team. From there, list out categories for how you want to solve each or what is needed. For example in Smart Inbox, I may want to put all tech support related questions in a custom view or all questions pertaining to our DEI initiatives in another. I’m going to create tags for these topics. In reporting, I may want to be able to show how my products are being recieved in my published posts. I’ll make tags for each of my products and then apply them to my posts accordingly when I mention that product. 

Sprout is working to launch Tag Collections this year so very soon differentiating between inbound and outbound tags is going to be much easier! For now, we’re going to rely on naming conventions. 

Tags are sorted in Sprout in alphabetical order. Here’s a few examples of what I’ve seen from customers in how they name tags to keep them organized:

  • Using an “O” or “I” at the front of the tag to distinguish between outbound or inbound content
  • Using a title at the top of a tag to put it in a category, i.e. “Product: Shirts” “Product: Sweaters”
  • Using abbreviations at the top of a tag for categories, i.e. CC: Tech Support for “Customer care” related topics

You can absolutely use tags for both inbound and outbound. So we don’t have to create inbound tags for products and publishing tags for products. They can both be used - we’ll help you sort inbound vs inbound in the Tag Performance report. 

Here’s a few more tagging resources::

  1. Tagging in Sprout's Help Center
  2. How 3 brands use a tagging strategy for marketing to get better insights, faster
  3. 3 ways Tagging empowers brands to scale their customer responsiveness

Hope this helps!

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Here’s a resource to improve your tagging strategies too!

Our first ever Grow Session last year with @steph.hermanson and @Madison.Masterson.


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Hi Everyone! I wanted to hop in and address this question from Riley. 

 Is there any way to track organic social conversions from Sprout?

My answer is...somewhat. 

URL link tracking/UTMs is going to be your best bet in attributing link clicks to social efforts. Beyond that, I would recommend some customized pages that are also tied to social so you can track things like downloads or other activity that’s further down the marketing funnel. All of this can then be further analyzed in Google Analytics. 

Here’s a detailed breakdown of how we support URL link tracking/UTM tracking

Hello! Presenting this info to my team soon and I want to be able to minimize questions/concerns from my team. Is there a reason why LinkedIn data isn’t included? 

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Hi @emily.grant! Currently, we aren’t able to store data from certain networks (like LinkedIn and TikTok) to support this level of historical reporting. We are working on a solution so that we can include this important data for future Year in Social efforts.