Enhance the Salesforce integration | Social Persona object

  • 20 September 2023
  • 1 reply

At the moment, in the Service Console in Salesforce, whenever the same customer sends a message via different channels (like, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,...), a new case is created for the different channels. Can we think about a way of linking them?

Can we use the social persona object for this?

1 reply

Thanks for your feedback! We've shared it with our Product team, but I encourage you to submit this for consideration as well — and don’t forget to upvote your own idea.

Today, we cannot automatically match social profiles to existing contacts. This is a network limitation imposed by our social network partner terms. When a message is sent to Salesforce and there is not an existing contact, a persona and contact record are created. If a message comes from a different social channel, your team could manually associate the new social persona with an existing contact (in a Customer Care use case, for example). Moving forward, all subsequent social messages sent from those identified/associated social personas will all be added to the same contact.