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  • 10 June 2024
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Our company was split into 2 different companies due to a recent acquisition. These are now company X and company Y. Both companies want to keep the meta pixel once created for the website, but now each company will have their own new and individual website and want to keep/use the same pixel. Now knowing the pixel has to remain on the business page it originated on and cannot move, what are the options here? Can company X give access to the pixel to Company Y and how will that effect data, etc? 

3 replies

Hi there,

Here are the options:

  1. Share Pixel Access:

    • Company X can give Company Y access through Facebook Business Manager.
    • Pros: Shared data insights.
    • Cons: Data might get mixed, so clear agreements are needed.
  2. Create Separate Pixels:

    • Each company sets up its own pixel on their new website.
    • Pros: Clear, separate data for each company.
    • Cons: Company Y won't have historical data.

Recommendation: If you need shared data, share access. If you want clear separation, create new pixels.

Hope this helps!


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Hi! This is so helpful. Thank you for outlining this as we are currently deep diving on this right now with company y. Quick question - when you say agreements, do you happen to have any examples of this? That is where we will have to meet halfway on, and I am helping lead this and not sure where to start. 

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Hi @rhj09 - thanks so much for your sharing detailed instructions here! When you have a sec, can you take a look at @Annie Doherty’s question about sample agreements/agreement templates that you can share? Thank you!