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  • 17 July 2023
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My organization is considering joining Threads in the near future but one thing we’ve seen a lot of is the data and privacy policy is a lot more abrasive than other platforms and Meta’s own FB & IG policies, collecting a lot more data.


The org I work for handles a lot of donor data and financial information. Has anyone had a conversation with their team on the pros and cons of the new platform? I’m trying to find the actual policy to see if I can sift through it myself but not having great luck.


Any thoughts would be appreciated!


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Here’s what I’ve found in my research:

Threads by Meta does collect a similar type of data to Facebook and Instagram, but it potentially goes further, raising concerns about user privacy. Here's a breakdown:

Similar data collection:

  • Basic account information: Name, email address, profile picture, contacts list.
  • Content and usage data: Photos, videos, messages, posts, reactions, shares, location data, app activity, device information.
  • Search and browsing history: Both within Threads and potentially across other Meta platforms.
  • Advertising and marketing data: Purchase history, financial information (potentially), browsing habits, etc.

Potential differences:

  • More sensitive data: Some reports suggest Threads can access information like health and fitness, religious beliefs, political views, and even race and ethnicity. This is not explicitly confirmed by Meta, but falls under the "sensitive information" category listed in App Store descriptions.
  • Precise location data: Threads may collect more precise location information than Facebook or Instagram, especially for features like "Status bubbles" that update based on your location.
  • Focus on close contacts: The app's purpose of close communication with a limited group could lead to more detailed data collection about those specific contacts and interactions.

Overall, while the types of data are similar to Facebook and Instagram, the amount and potential sensitivity of information accessed by Threads raises concerns about user privacy. Transparency and granular control over data collection are crucial aspects to consider when using Threads.

Here are some additional resources you might find helpful:

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Hey folks, the Sprout integration with Threads has arrived!

Here’s the official announcement: