How is your YouTube account set up + managed? Bonus: how are alternative videos handled?

  • 30 January 2024
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Hello! I hope you're all doing well. I'm reaching out to seek some insights regarding our YouTube channel strategy, and I'd love to hear your thoughts.


To give you a bit of context, we recently created and published several product videos on our YouTube channel. These videos explain the features and applications of our autonomous robots and currently live in an "About Starship Robots" playlist. While these videos were initially in English, we've expanded their accessibility by adding versions with Audio Descriptions and ASL overlay (separated into a playlist called, ‘Audio Description: About Starship Robots’), and, now, we’re starting translations for new markets.


Here's where I'm facing a dilemma. With multiple versions of the same video, organizing them into playlists has become a bit challenging. The idea of having 3+ different versions in language-specific playlists would make navigation on the channel too tricky, especially given its current scattered state. While unlisted versions of the videos have been suggested for presentations, the team behind them feels strongly about making the videos publicly accessible for everyone to benefit from.


Specifically, I'm wondering:

  • How do you manage multiple versions of the same video on your YouTube channel? Or is this something you haven’t dealt with? 
  • Have any of you encountered similar challenges, and if so, what solutions have you found effective?

I admit I'm a bit inexperienced with YouTube, and any insights or advice you can provide would be immensely helpful. I appreciate your time and expertise! - Reid


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2 replies

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Hi Reid,

I manage a couple YouTube channels, but with very limited number of videos, so I have not encountered your issue.
I would maybe suggest posting the same three playlists, but with titles explaining the language they are in.

Hopefully someone with a bit more experience with this will give you some helpful ideas.


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I would divvy the videos up into playlists that are for certain audiences. That way the videos may overlap, but your audience knows which playlist is meant for them. We do that for our education audience (future, current undergrad, current grad, international, reputation/building for stakeholders). We also use Vimeo for those videos that don’t make sense for our YT channel goals, but needs to be embedded for our website.


Let me know if you’d like to chat more!