Do hashtags actually matter?

  • 4 April 2022
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The age old question that no one ever seems to have the answer to. It’s great that Sprout have the first comment feature but is it even worth it?

On Instagram does putting them in the comments versus the post actually matter?

My hunch on hashtags on platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn is, are you just giving the user a reason to leave your content and go engage with someone else’s content? Or are people actually coming to your content from a hashtag?

What are people’s thoughts?

2 replies

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Love this question because there’s certainly a variety of camps on the approach! 

I believe for discoverability it does help reach more people and helps others find content especially on TikTok and Twitter. While I’ve seen recently that Instagram says it doesn’t do much, I personally love exploring and following hashtags to find unique content. 

Our content team has a lot of insights around this, incase you’re looking for some reading! 

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@luke.fitzpatrick You inspired us to ask our social community what they thought and they have tons of opinions! Take look: