Manufacturing Industry Social Benchmarks

  • 22 July 2022
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I’m having difficulty finding social media benchmarks in the manufacturing industry. I would like to know more about organic and paid performance benchmarks specific to this industry. Any tips on how to gather that data or good resources to look at? Thank you!

5 replies

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Following! I’m new to the industry as of this past month and am still learning about it. However, we’re planning on rolling out Sprout’s social listening feature and I feel like the competitor section (like seeing what our competitors are doing) will really help us set benchmarks. 

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Hi @rebecca.mcneill and @lyndsay.nielsen!! Introducing you to @abby.jackson who is also in the manufacturing industry to see if you all can learn from each other.

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Thank you @LauraPorcincula!

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Hi @lyndsay.nielsen and @rebecca.mcneill!

Welcome to the wonderful world of manufacturing. Benchmarks take time to establish, in my experience. And while manufacturing is a huge industry I encourage you look deeper into the business topics/division and consider what is is your business manufactures. I think by narrowing down those topics you can get a better understanding of the audiences involved and their needs. For example, at Jabil we have benchmarks based on divisions - automotive, smart home, retail, etc. Happy to chat more!



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Hey, @abby.jackson, this is a great idea! So, for example, are you benchmarking, say, “automotive manufacturing” against the “automotive industry” in general?