Does anyone have a good template for presenting a social media strategy?

  • 20 June 2023
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I’m looking for a visually appealing format to present a social media strategy through , what is everyone using at the moment? Are you making bespoke decks every time? 


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Hey @Gabe, this template might be a good starting point! 

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Hi @Gabe, our team used the Sprout template above as a starting point and then built on that top of our company’s corporate objectives with some pretty screenshots of content from our Sprout monthly reports!

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I make mine through Canva with screenshots from Sprout’s reporting tools. 

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@Gabe you may want to also check out the recording of this event: 


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We use Figma to start, then we move everything over to Asana so the company can have eyes and approval. Then we move to SS for solid postings. 

In Figma, we label and post photos to make sure it all looks good - THEN we move captions and creative to Asana within launches/sales/ weekly marketing subtasks

Once everything is approved in Asana then we move all content to SS so it can auto post and save us time in the long run. 

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Great question @Gabe! I am building out a pitch for our Threads strategy and the Sprout deck will come in hand.