🎥 Grow Sessions: Mastering Social KPIs and Growth

  • 11 July 2023
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🎥 Grow Sessions: Mastering Social KPIs and Growth
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I’m excited we are back with the next session in our growth series with Grow Sessions: Mastering Social KPIs and Growth!

In this event we will:

  1. Discuss defining KPIs & Metrics
  2. How to align with your company goals
  3. See how social supports your company
  4. Walk through how to select your KPIs & Metrics

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If you missed our session today, here is the recording. Make sure to share your questions in the thread below!

4 replies

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Make sure to subscribe to this thread for all the updates!

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1️⃣ How are you logging/tracking influencers? - We use CreatorIQ for all influencer tracking. Once they hit our socials, we use metrics on the actual posts( Static/Stories/Paid)  which is from META Paid and/or SS/Social Outlets.

2️⃣ What is your source to track updated engagement rate by industry per quarter? We have our own template, Web Research, research with other like minded companies on their metrics and we set our own goals to make sure we are always growing. 

3️⃣ Do you have a good template for presenting a social media strategy? 

We use Figma to start, then we move everything over to Asana so the company can have eyes and approval. Then we move to SS for solid postings. 

In Figma, we label and post photos to make sure it all looks good - THEN we move captions and creative to Asana within launches/sales/ weekly marketing subtasks

Once everything is approved in Asana then we move all content to SS so it can auto post and save us time in the long run. 

4️⃣ For those using Advocacy and reporting on performance, how do you rectify the difference between Potential Reach in Advocacy and Impressions (for corporate/normal content)? 

Impressions are the metrics we use in our reporting throughout all areas- its solid and actual data. 

Potential is a suggestion in our book but not solid enough to document in reporting. We only use this in the process of marketing to see if its worth it but its not solid in our world. 

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While in the webinar today - I posted our own KPIs so I thought Id share here. We dive deep into the details and how these will work for our team members along with how we keep increasing to always move forward. 


This is for our Social Community Team

SLAs (Service Level Agreement) by Channel:  We have a team on from 4am PST-12AM PST - so we only have a 4 hour window while tickets are sitting. we have found this is a window that is usually taken up by our international customers and they know we are a US based company, which  usually sets the precedent of replying time. 

  1. Sprout Social: :
    1. Comments: 45 min
    2. Direct Message: 10 min

KPI (Key Performance Indicators): 

  • Macro Usage
  • Brand Tone; Different from Comments/DMs
  • Labels in SS and Tags in Shopify
  • Number of Agent Replies < 5 ; This varies on the issue as well but a general rule to live by
  • Clear understanding and acknowledgement of customers concern(s); Notes help with this and HEARING the cust
  • Process(es) followed within guidelines: Notes, Tags, Saved Replies ect..
  • Adequate ticket notes: Generally in DMs: Should include Order number, issue, resolution
  • Adequate Shopify notes 
  • Zowie(CRM)  and Sprout Social notes 
  • SLA Response time(s)
  • Completion of ticket(s) - no outstanding issues/concerns 
  • Ticket Resolution time
  • 40 tickets per hour
  • 98% QA


This is for our Organic Social Team, These numbers can vary from Month to Month depending on Sales/launches/ Collabs ect..

  1. Follower Growth Rate: Weekly/ MTD/YTD

  2. Engagement Rate: Static/Stories/Paid- Weekly/ MTD/YTD

  3. Click-through Rate (CTR): Weekly/ MTD/YTD

  4. Conversion Rate: Weekly/ MTD/YTD through UTMS/Paid Budgets

    1. We will have specific UTMS for Launch's/Sales/ Then a static UTM for LinkinBio

  5. Brand Mentions: Through Tags/Static and Stories

    1. We will also see which ones are high and use those influencers for later post or relationships

  6. Content Performance: Weekly/ MTD/YTD through UTMS/Paid Budgets


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Thank you so much for joining this amazing session today on KPIs and Metrics! Here are some of the resources discussed in the session:

  1. The most important social media metrics to track - Article by Sprout Social

  2. Brand awareness: What it is and strategies to improve it - Article by @ronnie.gomez at Sprout Social

  3. Social KPIs and Metrics Worksheet


If you missed our session today, here’s the recording!


Thread your questions for @steph.hermanson and @talissa.beall below. Congratulations to our giveaway winner @tiffany.torbik, thank you for answering so many peer questions! Keep an eye out for a DM from me to claim your prize.