Community Question Giveaway 🎁

Community Question Giveaway 🎁
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Community Question Giveaway Alert!

We’ve come a long way since the first #SocialMediaDay back in 2010! So we want to hear from you for your chance to win one of two exclusive packages and be quoted in an upcoming Sprout Social blog article.  Submit your response by Monday, June 7, 2024!

Answer the question in the thread below:

Q: How would you say social media has evolved in the past fourteen years? What 2010s social media trends are you nostalgic for?


The Promotion begins at 9:00 a.m. Central Time (“CT”) on June 5, 2024, and ends at 11:59 p.m. CT on June 7, 2024. To participate in the promotion, engage with the outlined question by sharing a reply for the chance to win one of two packages that include Arboretum Roll-up Fleece Blanket, 40oz Owala Tumblr, a notebook, a LUXSURE Ring Light for Phone, a Moleskin pen and a “Organic Social Media” book by Jenny Li Fowler and a sticker. Two prizes will be awarded. No purchase necessary. Open to legal residents of (i) the 50 United States excluding Hawaii, (ii) the District of Columbia (“D.C.”), (iii) Puerto Rico, (iv) Guam, (v) American Samoa, and (vi) the U.S. Virgin Islands. Information provided to Sprout Social, Inc. is subject to our privacy policy. For details, see this promotion’s complete official rules which govern this promotion. Sprout Social, Inc. address: 131 S Dearborn St Ste 700, Chicago, IL 60603.



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I miss blogs! When I worked social media for a teen book festival, we would have different teens author blog posts about the books they were reading and the authors they were excited to meet. The posts were authentic and a great way to capture different voices.

I feel like blogs now are more about advertising, rather than authentic content.

Sometimes, it is difficult to understand how much social media has grown since 2010. I think about the first time I had a silly little iPhone and posted a silly photo on this silly app call Instagram. Who knew over 14 years it would become a space to share creativity, silly moments, anniversaries, announcements, and my favorite app of them all. 

Though there are many negatives and conflictions when it comes to social media, I love the fact it has shaped into this new way of marketing, reaching an insane amount of audiences. You just did not see that in 2010. I believe there were so many important topics people weren’t aware of, not because they didn’t want to know, but they had no connection outside their own bubble of where they live.

Social media has show a new type of creativity and art all while connecting people all over the world who are just like one another. I love the special ‘toks’ like booktok, foodtok, traveltok, and the millions of other tok groups out there. It is incredible to see the door it has open for jobs, a way to make money, all while still being able to share your authentic shelf.

What is most nostalgic for me? Using Valencia on every Instagram post from the year 2010-2015.

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Thank you all for participating! Loved reading the different perspective and going down memory lane!

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