🔴 Watch the Recording! Canva for Social Marketers: From Basics to Pro

  • 7 November 2023
  • 85 replies
🔴 Watch the Recording! Canva for Social Marketers: From Basics to Pro

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85 replies

Magic Write!

I’m excited to check out the workbook!

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Question: Which Canva feature discussed today was most valuable to you and why?

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Which Canva feature discussed today was most valuable to you and why?


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Magic Switch. We currently design everything in IG dimensions for simplicity/time saving, but this might help us create platform-specific versions and improve post engagement.

This was excellent! I loved learning how to add audio and how to remove the background in images. Also GREAT to know it is integrated into Spout Social.

This was all great information, but I love seeing the different ways you use Canva / can use Canva, specifically the audio and video additions available, and how best to use them. The AI function is also something I haven’t used yet, but now feel more comfortable with it!

I really enjoyed learning about the Magic Write AI tool! I hadn’t learned about that tool and think it will be super useful in brainstorming and gathering inspo. Especially since I live in Canva a lot of the time! Super great workshop (: 

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The most valuable Canva feature that was shared today was the brand kit. Having all of the fonts, colors, and styles organized and saved by brand is a gamechanger to making quick-turn, on-brand content. 


I’m also really excited abou the Canva Sprout Integration!

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The animating features were most valuable to me since my team and I have been struggling to streamline producing video content for Reels. It’s so great to know that effective video content doesn’t have to be a professional production and just adding a few elements can make static image engaging! Will definitely be utilizing this more for social content!

Oh my gosh I didn’t even know Magic Write existed, or that I could add a video app! Such a helpful webinar, thank you all!

The most useful tool for my team has been the Branding Center. Keeping branding consistent across dozens of users is truly invaluable.

I cannot sing enough praise for the background remover! It helps makes the images I need useful for a multitude of purposes, and it helps elevate the content you’re making. I use it at least once a day and it’s especially great for when I make quote posts with our leaders' images to add a more familiar and personal touch to our content. Magic write is great too when you need help ideating content ideas!

I really liked the example of using Magic Switch to quickly make a reel/tiktok and how easily you can create full-page animations to create a video out of a static image!

I got a lot better insight into how the AI writing tool works. I’ve been reluctant to use since i haven’t had great results in the past, but your clarifications during the demo really helped frame best use of the tool in Canva!

The magic switch and transitions!

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I loved the Magic Write feature and learned some new Canva shortcuts!

The tutorial on creating reels from static posts was most valuable to me. It gave me lots of ideas of how to create reels when I don’t have “real video” available, 

Animation feature - it will definitely make my Stories less boring.

Absolutely loved this webinar and learned so many cool new tricks to take back to our marketing team. Thank you!

Honestly, all of it was very useful. I’m new to Canva pro and never had any formal training so I’ve just been learning as I go. The AI tools are very exciting - now I don’t have to go to ChatGPT for everything 😅

Magic write. Creating the animated posts with audio. 

The animation and transition features were awesome! I considered myself a Canva pro, but it turns out I don’t have much experience with Canva videos. The demonstration was so helpful!

This was great, thank you both! 
My favorite canva tools and the definitely the background remover and now the magic tools. So much inspiration from them. 
Looking forward to have the text design tools optimized for Cyrillic alphabet - you`ll have a bunch more happy users :)))  

This was a great first Arboretum workshop for me! I really enjoyed learning about the Magic Write option. Thanks for answering my question as well, and I will definitely be looking into the text to image/video features!!

With it being a hot topic in my day-to-day, I’d have to say magic write, reels and the bit on accessibility. Knowing that that the latter can be easily added, was eye-opening, given that a large percentage of users don’t take advantage of it. 

I really loved learning about the magic switch tool! Since I make the same content for so many channels, it really comes in handy!